this place is actually going to house some important pony information eventually so just ignore me being an idiot in the tutorial for now thanks

The Hub: MLP and Pony Content and Archive Link List

So basically I've noticed that there are a ton of different pony content and pony archive projects running at the same time, but there isn't a singular place to find them all. This site aims to fix that and bring links to the various video, music, story, game, etc. projects all under one roof.

I'm probably gonna split this site up into two sections, Archive and Content,


other shit

Note that I have absolutely zero(0) experience with coding/html/etc. whatsoever so I am fully aware that the website looks like shit right now. However, I figure it's better to have something up rather than nothing.

Also, if you know of any projects/channels/etc. that do similar work to the places above, feel free to send me a DM at